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Come For Your Big Day

We’ll figure out a spot for your wedding, and a rain-default option.  You have access to most of the property from 10 AM to 10 PM.  For the before, during, and after the wedding ceremony, you’ll have access to the Little House, and the public parts of the Big House.  For your reception party, you have access to the Dining and Dancing Barn.  All of that is a bit flexible according to your needs.

That would include several hours of prior consultation about how you want to use the property and two or more people on-hand to assist.  It would include two golf cart taxis to move people around between parking, the several buildings. 

What it would not include would be things like this list below.  However, we are happy to quote you any of these services.

  • Wedding planning.  We’ll help you figure out how you want to use the property, but extensive wedding planning is not included in the fee.  We have people here who would be glad to handle more extensive planning regarding what happens here, or all of your planning.

  • Rentals of tables, chairs, tents, etc.  We have indoor space to do everything, but sometimes, people want to more outdoor, covered space (i.e. tents).  Most weddings are outdoors, with an indoor (or under tent) fall back plan.

  • Food or Drink.

  • Licensed bartending service, which we require to keep everyone safe and legal.

  • Event liability insurance, which you would provide.  It’s easy to get and relatively inexpensive.  

So, that’s the basic “all-day” service.

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